The Stay-Cation

The Staycation

Remember when you were a kid and the most vivid summer memories were always about simple fun under the Australian sun with your best friends and your family? {With Fluro zinc cream on your nose}

I’m talking bright blue skies, hot hot days, ice blocks melting faster than you can eat them, slip n slide with detergent for extra speed, Bbq’s, the sound of neighbours kids playing, cicadas providing your summer soundtrack, sand castles, jumping over waves, and riding your new bike on Christmas morning.

Sun, sand, salt and surf. Friends, fun and family. These were the ingredients to our stay-cation and it was bliss. It was one of the best holidays we’ve had and we didn’t even need a suitcase or a passport.

Boogie board over one shoulder, towel over the other. Bucket and spade in one hand, child’s tiny hand in the other. A visit from Pa who lives interstate. We bought furniture and we de-cluttered. Room by room, cupboard by cupboard. I donated 6 bags of clothing! And another 4 bags of baby things.

Maybe this is why our stay-cation was so good. We got a holiday AND we got super organised ready for whatever 2015 will throw at us.

The Huz had a list of household handy jobs that could all be completed with a cordless drill, a phillips head screw driver, a lawn mower, an Ikea provided allen key, a can of Wd40 and a bottle of weed killer.

Side note… I don’t recommend visiting Ikea with two kids under five after four hours at the aquatic centre. It looks like this…


After the events of last year {both on a personal and global scale} all we wanted to do was be close to home with those we love and our stay-cation was a reminder that it really is all about the simple things.

And you know you’ve had a good break when you are actually ok at the thought of going back to the rat race and getting back into some sort of routine. I think the key to this is the magic three weeks. Two weeks is just not quite enough. Three is just perfect. But of course I’d take more if I could!

So here’s our perfect Aussie summer in pictures.

Christmas went something like this…

Does it get much cuter than a kid in a dressing gown!?

Does it get much cuter than a kid in a dressing gown!?

Home made gifts for our besties & neighbours {thanks The Organised Housewife for the idea}

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Train

Jingle, our Elf on the shelf provided lots of cheeky laughs and I almost cried when the kids said goodbye to him Christmas Eve.

Jingle, our Elf on the shelf provided lots of cheeky laughs and I almost cried when the kids said goodbye to him Christmas Eve.

Thanks Santa!

Thanks Santa!

I actually have 3 kids!!

I actually have 3 kids!!

Our 2morrows were so into Chrissy this year and it was just magical.

Our 2morrows were so into Chrissy this year and it was just magical.

Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo

Damn selfie stick!!

Damn selfie stick!!

Giraffes view of Sydney

Luckiest giraffes in the world. That view!

Taronga Seals

Master 3 was a bit scared of the Dinosaurs. Look how real they looked!

Master 3 was a bit scared of the Dinosaurs. Look how real they looked!

Taronga Dinosaurs

Home Stuff

We bought furniture, the kids got new beds and we finally did my picture wall which was months in the making. Thanks handy man Dad for hanging my Frames!

{Oh Happy Days foil print from Down That Little Lane. I just couldn’t part with the pineapple and watermelon Scatter Love Cards from Fat Mum Slim and Emma Kate Co. They were screaming to be framed!}

Picture Wall

Miss 5 lost her first tooth! Thankfully the tooth fairy was on her game!

Miss 5 lost her first tooth! Thankfully the tooth fairy was on her game!

Date Day!

We had an amazing date day. Yes, a whole Day! Hot stone massage for two, lunch at my current fave restaurant. Papi Chulo @ Manly, a big long romantic walk and frozen yoghurt whilst watching the waves roll in. Romance!

Papi Chulo

Meat Fest!

Meat Fest!

We swam. We beached. We did picnics. We slip n slided…

Freshwater Beach

This photo makes my heart sing!

This photo makes my heart sing!

Salt in the air sand in my hair

Slip N Slide

Freshwater Beach

The blimp seemed to follow us everywhere we went!

The blimp seemed to follow us everywhere we went!

Shelley Beach

Aquatic Centre

We spent 4 hours here!!

Manly To Spit Coastal Walk

I did the manly to spit walk with my fave gals on the most divine day ever, followed by a dip in the ocean! It was sooo good and we’ve vowed to do it more often.

Manly Wharf

Yay No kids!

Yay No kids!

Manly to spit

Shan & Jo Manly to Spit Walk

God's Country

God’s Country



Love this city sydney

Yep, I really do love this city!

Sometimes the best vacation is a stay-cation. We will definitely be doing it again!

Have you even done a stay-cation? What was your favourite part?

Shannon xx pink

Out of Office

I'm out of the office

2 days. 2 wee little days of crazy to go, before the out of office automated reply is set and I cannot freakin wait. I have never been looking forward to the holidays more than I’am right now. And we’re not even going anywhere! I simply just need a break.

I’m tired… oh so tired of waking up tired and just want to chill with the Huz and My2morrows, the friends we call family and my dad who will be visiting from interstate.

I’m seeing beach days, zoo trips, swimming, movies at the cinema sans kids… GOLD CLASS, a bit of SUP, finishing the book I started earlier in the year, yoga, cold corona’s with lemon, G&T’s and food glorious food in my near future. I can almost taste the stay-cation!

If I had to describe this year in one word, it would be ‘shit’. It’s been one of love but also loss, on a global scale and also a personal one. You can read about that here and here. It’s been tough for many, and I can’t even process this last weeks heart breaking events.

But it’s Christmas time, the most wonderful time of the year and so we keep going. We keep loving. We keep keeping on. We keep spending money. We keep making shit happen.

It's beginning to cost a lot like christmas

What has kept me going this year is the people I surround myself with. My family, friends and colleagues. I love being surrounded by funny, witty people who always make me laugh, even in shitty circumstances.

And usually the funny people also just happen to be the nicest, most generous people, don’t you think? At least in my world they are. Oh, and how important it is to have funny in the workplace. Especially in a crazy corporate environment. Were all human after all. Our work days would be so dull without a few laughs wouldn’t they!

So as I’m about to set my Out Of Office automated reply, I had to look to my fun, witty colleague Nat for some inspiration because her OOO’s are simply awesome. They are so great because they’re written exactly how she would speak. None of the usual formal corporate crap. Here’s a selection of her best I just had to share…

Today is my birthday! So I assume you’re sending me birthday greetings in which case thank you!!!!  but I’ve taken leave and will be busy all day eating cake 🙂 I’ll answer all your messages when I get back but if your message is extremely important you can still get me on my mobile. Have a great day (I know I will)


Ho ho hooray it’s the holidays!
I’m taking leave from x to x and will not be actioning any items while on leave.
If you’re worried about where to send my last minute Christmas gift it’s ok – you can still reach me on x.
Hope Santa is good to you, thanks for all the support in 2014 and look forward to connecting in 2015.


I’ve taken a holiday! Inspired by Arianna Huffington I’m attempting to impliment a digital detox while away. I would appreciate it if you contact the lovely x with any urgent matters or remain patient and I’ll respond on my return. Thanks and have a great week!


I’m currently enjoying holidays and making the most of the sunshine!  I’ll be out of  the office from x  returning x. To those I’ve had the pleasure of working with – thanks for making this an incredible year.  Hope you have a fantastic holiday season and I look forward to working with you (and replying to your email) in the new year.  P.S If you are Santa and wish to deliver presents urgently, please call me on x

She also had a cracker OOO when she took exam leave but we cant find it anywhere! Something about being busy trying to bribe people to sit her exams for her.

Aren’t they so refreshing amongst the corporate crap and brief one liners? Yep, Nat win’s the OOO! I’m off to draft mine right now and I think I might borrow her Santa line!


Here’s some more OOO funnies. 
What do you usually put in your OOO?
Feel free to share some inspiration below in the comments.

While I’ve got you, I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful festive season. Thank you for being part of this new blogging adventure with me. Your comments and support really have meant the world and given me a spring in my step. I’ll be taking a little break from posting over the holidays, but you can find me instagramming my head off here!

Eat, drink, love… be merry & bright!


I Heart Christmas Movies

Christmas time certainly changes once little people come along.

Gone are the days of waking up Christmas morning hungover as hell, rising to eat the most epic meal you will eat all year with relatives you haven’t seen all year.

It becomes something incredibly special. It brings back memories from your own childhood and it’s like you get to re-live it all over again, only through the eyes of those little people who mean the world to you. It really is magical {even if there are a few lies involved}

One of the things that I adored about my hubby when we first met was that he LOVED all things Christmas as much as I did. The lights, the carols, the decorations and of course the movies. Rare for a guy, {especially the carols}… and one of the reasons I knew he was a keeper 🙂

Early on we started a tradition of watching as many of our fave Christmas Movies as we could in the lead up to the Big day. We make date nights, and sit down with the tree lights sparkling, candles burning with a bottle of wine and watch everything from our favourite kiddy Christmas Movies, to the classics and everything in between. I know… Romance 😉

So as December approaches, we will be kicking off The Annual Morrow Christmas Movie Festival and I thought I’d share some of our favourites (in no particular order).

  • Love Actually
  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • The Santa Claus – The Movie
  • Gremlins
  • Home Alone
  • The Santa Clause
  • Christmas with the Kranks
  • The Grinch
  • The Holiday
  • National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
  • Bad Santa
  • The Polar Express
  • Die Hard
  • Elf

Did I miss any?

Don’t have time for Christmas Movies… watch this Ultimate Christmas Movie Supercut instead

What’s your favourite Christmas Movie?

Do you have any fun family Christmas Traditions?

Will you wake Christmas morning with a hangover?