8 Years

eight years

I asked the huz the other day if he could remember his wedding vowels. Nope… couldn’t recall. And whoops… neither could I.

Apart from the bit that went “….. and be your best friend ever“.  I couldn’t for the life of me remember them.

Well, It has been 8 years! These days, I forget how old I’m turning at my next birthday. {tell me it’s not just me this happens to!} But wedding vowels are different. You’re not meant to forget them! I mean, it’s just a lifelong pledge to the person you choose above all others! No biggie!

But what we do remember are the people that made that day everything it was, and the precious little moments. Our sand ceremony. Dad walking me down the isle. The poem written just for us by my Maid of Honour, painted on canvas as our wedding gift. The scent of frangipani’s. Just making it through the ceremony and the heavens opening up. How tiny my niece and nephew were. The tight squeeze of my hand from C’s 100 year old Grandfather when he congratulated us. And the music. The music I definitely remember! {There’s a wedding ‘I heart music’ blog post coming soon}

Poem written by my Maid of Honour, Michelle Karutz and painted onto canvas as our wedding gift. So special!

Poem written by my Maid of Honour, Michelle Karutz and painted onto canvas as our wedding gift. So special!

It really was everything you dream your wedding day will be. I asked C what some of his favourite memories were from the day and he said:

  • Seeing me arrive
  • Our first dance
  • How he and his groomsmen had to madly race back home to get the umbrellas after seeing the storm front coming. {Thank god they did, the photo above with the umbrella is one of my faves}

So 8 years on… I’m still madly in love with this guy I’m proud to call my husband {even if he hasn’t shaved since that day!} And I’m in complete awe when I look at everything we’ve achieved and created together since we said those vows {whatever they were!} on that hot, humid stormy day back in March 2007. I’ll let the pics tell the rest of the story…

Pilu Entrance

The Venue: Pilu at Freshwater Beach

The flowers

The Flowers: Frangipani’s and My borrowed: Mum’s diamond earings

The dress

The dress: Silk georgette gown with swarovski beaded Indian sari braid by Culture Bridal Couture (unfortunately no longer operating)

Walking down the isle

Walking down the isle song: Happy Ever After in Your Eyes – By Ben Harper

sand ceremony

The sand unity ceremony. Such a precious moment. Our late friend, groomsman Ash, helping us combine sand from both our birth places to signify the joining of our lives

Dad Giving me away

The first glance after walking down the isle. Look at those storm clouds!

bridal party

The incredible bridal party.


Mumbala & Dad!


With C’s 100 year old Grandfather.

First Dance

First Dance: The Blowers Daughter – Damien Rice


Sittin on top of the world!

The Cake: Us sitting on top of the world! By Sugar Princess. I suprised C and put him in a Manly Jersey.

Dance with Dad

I love this photo of me dancing with Dad and our bridal party in a bit of a circle of love behind us!

Lyrics to 'Happy Ever After In Your Eyes' - Ben Harper {my walking down the isle song}

This canvas with the lyrics to my walking down the isle song ‘Happy Ever After In Your Eyes’, by Ben Harper is on our bedroom wall

So happy anniversary handsome bearded one. Married life has been one blissful, challenging, fun ride. May the next 8 be just as amazing.


In case you missed it, you can read about The Proposal here.

Married? What’s your favourite memory from your wedding day?

Can you remember your wedding vowels? No cheating… Jot what you do remember of them in the comments below.

Photo credit: Erol Touman Photography

25 thoughts on “8 Years

    • 9 years wow! Almost the decade!
      Glad I’m not the only one to forget my vows!
      Have you watched your video with the girls? Such a fun thing to do!
      Thanks for your lovely comments xx


  1. This is beautiful Shan! Our celebrant wouldn’t let us do our own vows. We had them all prepared and she skipped right over them. We knew she would cos she didn’t approve. She didn’t really speak enough English to deviate from the script! ha! We were Highwee & Aawon Seewee all day long! xxx


  2. congrats guys on 8 years and happy anniversary! It was such a beautiful wedding and we are thankful we could be there to celebrate with you. SMxo


    • Thanks lovely! Was so great to have you both there on the big day! Seems like just yesterday, I just don’t know where time goes. Thanks for your lovely message amd love to you all. Xx


  3. What gorgeous photos and what a beautiful bride! 2007 must have been a great vintage because we got married that year too! I loved the whole day. It was just like a fairytale, right down to the pink dress! And yep, I always forget how old I am but I’ll never forget how long we’ve been married! Here’s to happy ever afters! xx


    • Thanks Nancy! I LOVE yellow but it really doesnt suit me… my bridesmaids pulled it off beautifully! I love that your wedding day was just the two of you… and Dumplings! Super cool. xx


  4. You’re so gorgeous!! What a beautiful bride. Looks like you had an amazing day.
    I can’t remember our vows but we didn’t write our own. I feel a bit ripped off that we didn’t!!


  5. These photos are BEAUTIFUL Shannon! You looked so so stunning! And I love your canvas! I realllllllly need to do that asap!
    I had a little chuckle at your cake toppers too 😉


  6. No can’t remember that either! Best and fun memory! I was 4 months pregnant and had to change my dress at the very last minute and make it over by a pro sewer! I still danced a lot that night! Btw, beautiful dress, hair and wedding pictures! xx cathy


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