The Link List 3

The Link List

What a week. I’m so grateful for Saturday to stop and just breathe!

The week started with an inspiring Bloggers session at General Assembely where we heard from Christina Butcher Editor – Hair Romance, Blog Society’s Founder, Jacklyn Carlson, Felicity Grey – Managing Director at Nuffnang, Jean Carmela Lim from travel blog Holy Smithereens, and Anna Hickey from Etsy. It was a really valuable session and I left feeling super inspired. I love how successful bloggers are only too happy to share their wisdom with us newby’s. It’s just that kinda community! A few cheeky beverages at a funky rooftop bar in the city with my Clever Cookie friends topped the night.

On Thursday, tickets went on sale for the Pro Blogger Training Event with 400 tickets snapped up in the first 20 minutes and yay… I got one! Super excited… bring on August!

Fast forward to Friday and I received news that my crashed hard drive is beyond repair and my precious data is not able to be retrieved! Cue tears. Lots of tears! That damn hard drive had our whole life on it. Baby photos, holiday photos, finances, etc. The upside… being the sharer that I am… life’s big moments are pretty much all on facebook so not all is lost. But still… devastated! And a tough lesson learnt… back up EVERYTHING! Then back up your backup!

Highlights from the week included a splurge at the Witchery sale, conquering an arm balance posture at Yoga finally and getting a babysitter for our Wedding Anniversary celebration dinner next week! Yay!

Still with me?? Here’s some bits that have caught my eye this week around the webs…

  • Our trip to Ikea during the Christmas holidays was rather brutal and I swore I wouldn’t go back anytime soon. But reading Lauren’s post on 21 awesome uses for the raskog cart has almost changed my mind
  • I loved looking at this hipster couple’s wedding anniversary shoot
  • Have you analysed your friendships lately? A lengthy read from Elephant Journal but I’m sure we can all relate
  • I loved Who What Wear’s five style rules for those who are no longer part of the 20-something club
  • Is there room for more cat content on the web? Apparently so! Quick cat owners, secure that insta account asap!

Enjoy your precious weekend and remember… back-up your back-up!!


How do you store your photos?

Are you a cat person and will you be securing your cats own instagtam account?

Do you have any style rules you stick to?

14 thoughts on “The Link List 3

  1. Oh no not the hard drive! My heart hurts for you! We have a back up and I think we have a cloud, whatever that is. I will have to check, I would have kittens if I lost it all! Talking of kittens, what about that catstacam?! I hope they make one for dogs too, because I follow almost as many dogs on Instgram as I do people! It was so fun seeing you on Monday, we should definitely do it again soon! Have a lovely weekend xx


  2. Oh NO! I am so sad for you losing all of your data. I had a total meltdown after accidentally deleting 150 photos of my son, so I couldn’t imagine the feeling of losing more. Thank goodness for Facebook sharing right! I pay extra for iCloud but I am almost certain that my iPhone hasn’t backed itself up in about 2 years…xxx


    • Oh it’s a horrible feeling isn’t it! Right in the pit of your stomach! I shall be getting myself a cloud too! I’m usually so organised I’m kicking myself I hadn’t got around to it sooner. Xx


  3. What a lovely blog and links. I found on The Annoyed Thyroid The Ultimate Rabbit Hole. I am a cat person, but have dogs as well. Wouldn’t have an instagram account for her as I can’t even keep up with my own 😉
    That is awful about losing all your photos, I know what it is like and have had it happen so often. I now use One Drive and all my documents and photos are saved there and what’s nice about it, is that it is automatically uploaded so don’t have to remember to upload.


    • Thank you so much Dianne! So lovely to have you pop by. I love Sammie’s blog! She’s a little ray of sunshine that one!
      I need the auto upload… I shall definitely look into it!


  4. Oh no! That is devastating! I am very slack on the back up, eeeck! But how do you back up essentially? I’m not even sure on that. Because the back up can fail, obviously.
    I loved checking out those wedding and anniversary pics.
    So jealous of all the blogging events happening in Syd & Mel lately. Though it is not like I would be able to attend anyway…but I am still jealous. 🙂


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