A green dress in Rio, a ring and a question…

A green dress in Rio, a ring a question (1)

Green is not a colour I wear often. Its not that I don’t like it, I just don’t think it really suits me.

But this one time… in Rio, I wore a green dress and I won’t ever forget it!

Rio was the second stop on our epic South American adventure and gosh, we fell in love with her! On this particular day, we had been out and about, exploring the Ipanema markets, hanging out at the beach, lunching at THAT cafe {The Garota de Ipanema: Where “The Girl from Ipanema” was written} and getting to know the amazing city that is Rio DeJaneiro during Carnival. A dream come true.

THAT Cafe. The Garota de Ipanema: Where "The Girl from Ipanema" was written

THAT Cafe. The Garota de Ipanema: Where “The Girl from Ipanema” was written

After a fun filled day, we headed back to our hotel to freshen up before heading off to catch the sunset from the top of Sugar Loaf mountain {Pao de Acucar}, followed by dinner and a bloco – a street party held during Carnival. I was going to wash my hair, but time was of the essence if we wanted to see the sun set so I wacked it back into a messy updo, popped on the green dress and a slick of mascara and off we went.

We took two cable cars to get to the top, the doors opened and there were people everywhere! Seems we were not the only tourists wanting to see the sunset over one of the worlds most amazing cities!

I had started to walk in the direction of the sun set, but C took my hand and pulled me in the opposite direction saying “No, THIS way”… almost pulling my arm out of its socket.

We were standing next to a statue and next thing I knew, he grabbed both my hands and proceeded to say lots of words. All the words! I cant recall them exactly… but they were beautiful and I remember trying to take them all in, remembering to breathe whilst thinking… is he going to…. OMG! I then remember him getting down on one knee, pulling a ring box out of his pocket and saying…


Of course I said “YES!”, then cried!

He even had a ring, which I later found out he had hidden in our garage for months and had been carrying around in his backpack since we left Australia. It was a fakie… smart boy, he knew it wasn’t a good idea to travel through South America for months with a diamond ring and he wanted me to pick the real ring when we got home.

There were people surrounding us, smiling, pointing and some even with tears in their eyes. A lady who just happened to be from Sydney came straight over, congratulated us and asked for our camera. She then proceeded to direct us in a photo shoot re-enactment of our proposal. As it was only minutes later, she managed to capture that moment and the butterflies in our tummies. Lady from Sydney, whoever you are… we are forever thankful.


P1010036 cropped


We then watched the sun set and took a bunch of photos. It was one of the most vivid sunsets I’ve ever seen!

Rio Sunset

Rio Sunset 2

Rio Sunset 3

Not wanting to leave our magical spot at the top of our mountain {yep, it was totally OUR mountain now}, we grabbed a celebratory drink from the bar. Unfortunately they didn’t have bubbles on offer, so we had a Heineken – the exact same hue as my green dress which is now forever known as “The Heineken Dress”.



After sunset, we got the cable car back down, wondering if we’d ever come back to this magical spot again in our lifetime, joking that we would bring our un-born kids one day.

We then went to dinner at a restaurant in Copacabana where we had many a caipirinha {when in Brazil you must drink their national cocktail!} and then danced the night away at a Bloco. On our walk back to the hotel, the heavens opened up so we danced in the Summer rain with a bunch of strangers. Young, free, soaking wet from the rain & now engaged!

The perfect proposal with memories we will both never forget.


I’d love to hear your engagment story… share share in the comments below.

Here’s a selection of our pics from Rio and the glitz and glamour that is Carnival.


carnivale queen

Carnivale 2

Carnivale 3

carnivale 4

carnivale 5

carnivale 6

carnivale 8

carnivale 9

Christ Redeemer

christ redeemer

22 thoughts on “A green dress in Rio, a ring and a question…

  1. Oh wow! I love all these photos. Esp the close up one of you and your man on the mountain with all that gorgeous golden light. How lucky you were to have that lady take photos for you. Such a precious moment.

    Ours was lovely but I still argued and said I’d think about it. So perhaps not a storybook proposal. We’d been living together for a couple of years and were about to move to Sydney. We were having dinner at my fav Melb restaurant – Walters Wine Bar – which probably doesn’t exist anymore and he proposed. I didn’t think it was something we needed to do. I was happy chucking my job in and doing the move without any formal commitment. Besides the fact marriage hadn’t worked so great for me the first time round. So perhaps not the response he was hoping for. But I thought about it and realised what an absolute idiot I was being and said yes the next day.


  2. Oh, you made me cry 🙂 That is gorgeous. What a romantic he is! You looked beautiful in the green dress! How lovely that the lady from Sydney was there, and thinking on her feet.
    My husband proposed on our first anniversary. We had our first proper date at the Watson’s Bay Hotel (actually, I came up for the weekend from Melbourne to Sydney for our first date, never looked back, and moved there 3 months later. This is 10 years ago), and he wanted to go back there. I was really tired from work that day and was going to say, let’s just stay in, but when I got home he was ironing his shirt, so I knew that he was keen haha. He surprised me with a private water taxi to Watson’s Bay, having bought a bottle of bubbly on the way.
    We sat down in the gardens there, watching the sunset over the harbour, and when he pulled the ring out, it was such a surprise! I cried, and forgot to say yes 🙂
    Dani @ Sand has no home


  3. I LOVE engagement stories! How absolutely adorable! And, I totally love the Heineken dress! You looked so happy too, that look of true bliss.

    Ours was an engagement at the Ayana Rock Bar in Bali. My poor now-husband stuck the ring box down his pants so that I wouldn’t see it, and it was sooooooo hot and humid that when he pulled it out all the colour from the box had run…hahaha. Lucky it was still super romantic and beautiful.

    Your Rio photos are incredible, it looked like an amazing trip with an amazingly special moment!


  4. Oh shucks, I must have something in my eye! Pass the tissues! What a beautiful story – and I especially love the photo re-enactment! Our engagement wasn’t nearly as exotic, in a wine bar in London. I went to choose a ring later in Hatton Garden. We went to so many shops and I just couldn’t find the one. Eventually, I found my dream ring in a really old skool jewellers. I still remember his name, Mr Katz. I wanted that ring so bad, and when I put it on my finger it was the perfect fit. Old mate Mr Katz said it was like something out of Cinderella. It certainly was the start of our very own fairytale.


    • Aww… that is so perfect! I shall now call you Cindarella!
      And I need to check out this ring next time I see you. I love those old School jewellers and Katz is a family name on my mums side!
      A perfect London proposal by the sounds of it! xx


  5. What a beautiful story. Goosebumps happening here too. My partner and I have both been there done that and it is me who is reluctant to marry again, but I do love a romantic story like yours. Maybe one day I’ll think I’m ready for a second time at marriage. We’ve only been together about 12 years so maybe some time in the future???


  6. I love your engagement story, so romantic and memorable! Go the green dress! My now husband had grand plans of proposing while we were out surfing on his birthday but it was really rough and there was lots of stinking seaweed in the water, I had no idea what he was planning and was starting to feel sea sick (am not a very good surfer!!!!) so came into the beach not knowing I had ruined his plans. He proposed a bit later that day instead at brunch in a cafe looking over Bondi, we had already planned a birthday party for him that night which turned into an engagement party. x


    • Thanks lovely! And how perfect the birthday party turning into an engagement party! I love that! I’ve heard so many stories of the gals almost ruining the guys proposals. Must happen quite often!


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  8. Oh Shannon. How divine! The most gorgeous story. I know your Mum. Strangely we both married Brians, and we both had a daughter then a son, all four kids with names starting with ‘S’. Anyway my daughter and her boyfriend are currently in Bali, and I am hoping it is a ‘special’ pop-the-question trip. Will soon know. Congrats to you both, and if you need a Celebrant call me! or visit http://www.celebrantwollongong.com.au Rio was always on my bucket list. Now it is more so. Your pics are gorgeous. Congrats again.


    • Oh thanks Marianne! How crazy you both married Brian’s and have kids with S names! And how exciting re Bali! You must be beside yourself waiting!
      Rio was 9 years ago for us and today we’re celebrating our 8 year wedding anniversary. I just don’t know where the time goes! You must get to Rio, it’s an incredible city, for so many reasons! Xx


  9. Ohmygosh! How special & amazing!

    My husband proposed while we were camping at Ft.Pickens – part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, near Pensacola, FL. We had spent the day on the beach – in the water & drinking margaritas…even tho it wasn’t quite warm enough to be in the water (it’s coming up on 4 years ago now). We made dinner over the campfire & shared a bottle of wine. Then he suggested we go for a walk along the beach. I was clueless. Just wandering, watching the sand crabs skitter across the sand. When he proposed, I was shocked lol

    We still love Ft.Pickens 😊


    • Oh wow. Now that is perfect! And I love that you were shocked! Makes it that much more special when you don’t expect it! What a special place. I lived in FL for a while but didn’t get to Ft. Pickens. Next time! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous story! Xx


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