Taking Stock- February

Taking stock - February

And just like that, summer is gone. A new month, a new season, a new opportunity to take stock.

Inspired by Pip from Meet Me At Mikes, taking stock is a great way to look back at the month that was, breathe it all in, then move onto the month ahead.

February was such a busy month for us. So much going on! Forget Feb Fast {I would have been a big fat failure at that}, for us it was more like Feb Fest! All those tickets we bought way back when, finally got used and we also had a wedding, a baptism which included a quick trip to Port Macquarie and on top of all that, Miss 5 started school!

So here’s my taking stock February…

Making : This DIY shadow box. I just couldn’t part with Miss 5’s first ballet shoes
Cooking : Baking up freezer friendly muffins and lunchbox snacks.
Drinking : Too much! I really should have done Feb Fast!
Reading: Blogs, blogs and more blogs
Wanting: More hours in the day
Looking: Forward to a couple of upcoming blogger events and meeting some of my bloggy friends in real life
Playing: The school mum. It’s a whole new world!
Deciding: What to wear. Will it be hot or cool? Will be asking this question all Autumn!
Wishing: Dinner times were not so stressful
Enjoying: Family time on weekends. Now that Miss 5 is at school the weekends have become even more precious
Waiting: For our 8 year anniversary. We passed the 7 year itch. Yay us!
Liking: A new photography project I’ve joined. More to come soon…
Wondering: If I should have become a teacher instead of a marketer!?
Loving: My time with Master 3 on the days I don’t work, now that his sister is at school. I forgot how easy grocery shopping with just one kid is!
Pondering: Taking a trip to my home town to see my family
Considering: Buying new black sneakers
Watching: Revenge! It’s back.. Yay!
Hoping: Miss 5 continues the dream run she’s had since starting school.
Marvelling: At just how quickly she’s learning. It really is incredible.
Cringing: At the many measles stories I’ve heard recently. Just immunize people!!
Needing: A massage and a chiro adjustment
Questioning: Where has common sense gone? Blog post coming soon!
Smelling: Chocolate honeycomb I’m about to eat
Wearing: Peter Alexander PJ’s
Following: Working Mum’s Collective. It’s like a cheer squad for working mums!
Noticing: How much worse Peak hour traffic has become in Sydney
Knowing: That there’s more to know. Gotta keep learning!
Thinking: About the families of the Bali 9 ringleaders who are about to be executed.
Admiring: Morning people and wishing I could be one
Sorting: Through paperwork… Bills, school notes. It’s never-ending!
Buying: Actually not much lately. Strange for me but I’m sure it won’t last long.
Getting: Well into the swing of 2015
Bookmarking: these links from Jess on raising boys. Think I’ll need to refer to them as Master 3 seems to have reached the effing fours already!
Coveting: These Yoga pants
Disliking: The morning routine. Or lack of thereof!
Giggling: At My2Morrows. Always laughter in this place
Feeling: Tired. All the time!
Snacking: On a Chocolate Honeycomb. Yum!
Wishing: I could do more yoga classes every week
Helping: Miss 5 learn to read. Such a fascinating process!
Hearing: The Foo Fighters… on high rotation since we went to their concert last week!

So that’s me for Feb!

I’d love to hear from you… Pick a couple of prompts from the list above and tell me how you are taking stock?

Shannon xx pink

18 thoughts on “Taking Stock- February

    • Haha.. had to read that twice. I thought you said you were getting Naked with your know it all husband! haha! How exciting, you’re moving! Hope it goes smoothly my lovely.
      Would love to see my Sammy soon and yes to Flying Fox. Needs to be within school hours now though! Will text you. Hugs xx


  1. Love me some taking stock! I’m reading lots of blogs too, Smaggle and the Art of Joy are some of my favourites! I too am looking forward to seeing some bloggy friends in real life and I’ve been listening to podcasts – it’s been quite the revelation! We listened to Serial on our road trip at the weekend and it was all kinds of addictive. Now I’m wondering what to listen to next!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh wow, you did the whole serial series on the road! That is so cool. How good was it! I’m experiencing a massive void ATM since it ended and cannot wait until Series 2 comes out sometime this year. Do you know any other good podcasts Sammie? I cant seem to find any quite as captivating as Serial… But I’am enjoying Osher gunsburg’s podcasts. xx


      • Yes, I’ve just discovered podcasts on the road make the trip go much quicker. I too have been feeling podcastly bereft since it finished! I just started Criminal which is cool but quirky, and I am going to try True Crime (but I’m a bit scared it will give me nightmares, I have a very active imagination!) Serial will always be my podcast first love!

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  2. Loving your stocktake Shannon. I’m liking the cooler weather that has hit us today, although I’m sure we’ll be sweltering again soon. Glad Miss 5 has settled into school. The school routine is a whole new thing, isn’t it!. Love your new blog header too. Right on trend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww thanks Di. I’m a little bit in love with it too 🙂
      I totally under estimated the School thing and just how much its changed things for us all! But all good. She’s happy & thriving! Thanks for your lovely words. xx


    • Oh Wow Lisa. We must live parallel lives! I just re-read your about page too and I was born and raised in a coastal country SA town! Another similarity!
      Thanks for stopping by! xx


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    • Its going well thanks Krissy. Lots to keep up with… the notes, the homework, the lunches.
      I’ve had one fail so far… forgot to send her with a bucket and rubber gloves for clean up Australia day. Bad mumma! She had to sit in a classroom with a bunch of other kids who clearly also have bad forgetful parents, while all the other kids were cleaning up Australia! xx


  4. Lots of things to reflect and ponder on! The school mum gig is a big adjustment, isn’t it?! I still haven’t gotten my head around it!! And interesting you wonder about teaching! I think you’re on the better gig as a marketer he he he. 😉


    • Oh you are probably right Sash. Its just been niggling in the back of my brain for about a decade. I probably should have done teaching way back when. Would be hard to make a career change like that now and the biggest hurdle is actually getting a job at the end… if that wasn’t so difficult I’d probably do it!

      And yes, the school mum thing is crazy. So many notes, confusion about which uniform to wear on which day, the homework, the lunches, the playground antics, and even just trying to get anything out of her about how her day was, what she learnt, who she played with… I get NOTHING and I get told off for even asking questions. Is there a special technique parents can use to get such info out of kids?? 😉


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