11 Things To Do With Kids Art

 11 things to do with kids art

Are you forever surrounded by little people’s finger paintings, endless crayon drawings and paper plate craft?

Are you a sentimental hoarder like me? Then this post is for you! It was inspired by a link I shared last week and a conversation on a local facebook mummy group I belong to.

Seems I’m not the only one drowning in my little Picasso’s works of art. So here’s 11 things to do with kids art…

1. Turn them into 3D Toys

As I shared last week, I’m dying to give this one a go.

2. Turn them into Custom Mini-Masterpiece designs

custom_sq plain .jpg

3. Include a favourite piece on your photo wall

photo wall

4. Use as wrapping paper

art wrapping paper

5. Hang with string and pegs in the kids cubby house or playroom


5. Turn them into fabric, wrapping paper, cushions or even wall paper


6. Create a memory book

See post by Beth at Baby-Mac – how to make a photo book using iphoto.
Or use SnapfishKikki-k Albumworks, Momento Big W or many of the other photo book makers.

photo book of kids artSource

7. Store them in a Folio like this one from Officeworks

officeworks folio

8. Use an app like artkive

9. Laminate your favourites

10. Simply photograph, store on a hard drive them and dump them!

11. Or if it breaks your heart to throw them away, get Daddy to ‘take them to work’.

What do you do with your kids art?  I’d love to hear… share your ideas in the comments below.

Shannon xx pink

29 thoughts on “11 Things To Do With Kids Art

  1. I love all these ideas! My daughter draws so much art, so much! it’s why I created my Mini-Masterpieces & finding that other mums & dad’s had the same problem as me on where to store them all. So I decided to share it with everyone & it’s the best feeling. Seldom a dry eye when I hand over a completed design.
    The design in this picture is a 50x50cm shadow box and has 50+ artworks. I love this style because the artworks are actually elevated from the back so they literally look like little shrunken artworks… Super cute in person. Oh & u get a digital copy of all the art you send so whether you send 100 pieces & we only end up using 30, you still have the 100 scanned copies so if you don’t won’t to keep them you don’t feel so bad.
    See saving cupboard space & mothers guilt all in one swoop. Lol
    Thanks so much for the mention beautiful. Means the world you like them as much as I do making them and I so do. xx


    • My absolute pleasure Kim. You are so clever. And that is so cool that you also get a digital copy of all the pieces! I’ll definitely be doing this in the future… When my little artists move on from just producing scribbles! Great gift for the grandparents too! Xx


  2. Haha. They usually go to daddy s office. But literally! The problem is that daddy s office not big enough. I love the products that we can make from them. I just deplore the prices of them. Some diy is just simplier i think. Xx cathy


  3. Oh I LOVE the custom mini art designs! I am absolutely doing this! Great ideas! I am only just entering art-work territory and I can see already that it’s going to get chocca pretty quick.


  4. That mini masterpiece you have displayed is the one Kim made for me.. it hangs proudly in my kitchen and everyone that sees it says they MUST do the same for themselves 🙂


  5. Oh what gorgeous ideas! The 3D toy and the cushions are my far and away favourites. What a wonderful way to treasure those works of art forever!


  6. I have a piece of art from a student that I had frame back when I was teaching. I also have a book of other drawings that are totally hilarious. There’s one where this kid drew all the teachers on one side of the page and all the students on the other side and I was on the student side. It turns out she thought I was a student!


    • Oh that is gold!
      How lovely to frame a student’s art!
      I heard a lovely story the other day about how a guy used his art from when he was a kid as part of his application for a scholarship to art school and he got it! X


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