No More Tickets!

Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

I received an email from my Huz this week. A three word email that simply said “NO MORE TICKETS!”

You see, he had just transferred a truckload of cash to our friends to even out the ledger – the spreadsheet our group of friends {aka the culture club} keeps, detailing who has bought tickets to what shows and who owes who money.

It all starts with a group email being sent around, “Hey guys, who’se keen on Foo Fighters/Mary Poppins/Peppa Pig/random Cabaret Show?”  They’ll get the usual responses which vary from a simple “Hell Yeah!” to “Sorry it’s my uncles, cousins 50th that day so we can’t make it unfort”. And generally the email initiator will then buy the required number of tickets, add it to the spreadsheet and we all sort out the cash later. Delayed gratification!

Only this year, in the craziness of life, months passed by and we all kinda forgot to keep said  ledger and as a result, our ticketing tally sky rocketed.

So we finally fixed it up and it pretty much left us eating baked beans until the next pay day whilst our friends thought they’d won lotto. Damn aren’t tickets bloody expensive these days! But… damn we’ve seen some awesome shows this year!

Like The Lion king, Tori Amos with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Dirty Dancing, John Butler Trio, The Australian Ballet, Arj Barker, and The Gruffalo, to name a few. And we’ve recently purchased tickets to The Foo Fighters, Wonderlust and a Twilight Taronga Zoo gig all for next year.

Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

The Lion King was Miss 5’s first musical stage show and she still talks about it all the time, and how mummy bought her the Simba toy and a choc top and she got to stay up really really late. And for me, experiencing all that through my child’s eyes was quite special.

So it got me thinking, yes tickets to these things may be bloody expensive, but the value is not in the ticket cost at all… its in the fun, precious (and often crazy) memories the investment creates. Memories that no doubt will be reflected upon for years to come…

  • Like Dad driving me and three girlfriends Seven hours to the big smoke to see our first ever concert.
  • Like seeing your sneaker fly up on stage and later finding another one that’s not yours but happens to be the right size.
  • Like being bitten on the shoulder by a happy excited chick in the mosh pit.
  • Like standing next to a mate and realising he’s wearing the only white t-shirt at a Metallica concert.
  • Like crumping so hard you fall over backwards.
  • Like watching one of your favourite artists perform on a balmy summer night at The Opera House forecourt whilst the sun sets.
  • Like feeling the baby in your belly kicking like crazy at a Coldplay gig.
  • Like swearing you’re too old for a festival but somehow you still go back year after year.
  • Like seeing your first show together as a couple
  • And like burning one down at Blues Fest. (Umm… not me dad, someone else!)
Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

So Huz… I can’t promise there won’t be any more tickets. But I will promise my fellow culture clubbers that we will try and keep the ledger under control next year. In the meantime, the free local Carols by Candlelight is looking good! Who’se keen?





Tell me about a fun/precious/crazy memory you’ve created at a concert/gig/show?

What have you had tickets to this year?

Have you kept or done something creative with your ticket stubs like this..?

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Image Source: Pinterest



13 thoughts on “No More Tickets!

  1. Love this! We too gladly spend all our cash on tickets too! Gigs, festivals, shows… all the things we’re likely to pop a hip at! 😛 It’s all about those moments though, worth every penny! x


  2. I totally agree! And how good was the Lion King? I’m going to see Dirty Dancing next week and I can’t wait. I keep all my old gig and concert tickets in a special book and make memos to help me remember the special moments because I have fudge for brains! We used to have the pick of the gigs and shows when we lived in London so my excuse now is that gigs are fewer and further between so we should see ALL the things (because he knows when they’ll be coming around again!) It’s the excuse that works every time, you should try it next time!


  3. Oh I love concerts so much!
    I recently nabbed tickets to the Foo Fighters too, I was so happy as I missed out in the presale because I kept getting booted from the site! They are my fave, so I’m pretty much counting down the days until I get to see them live again.
    And yes, concert tickets are super expensive these days! I remember seeing Frenzal Rhomb play at the local uni for about $15 back in the day. $15!!!


    • $15 Mrs W! Wow, those were the days huh!
      We missed the fooeys pre sale too then got them second try, phew!
      I actually won tickets a few years back to their intimate invite only Sydney harbour goat island gig but couldn’t go as I was about to give birth! My hubby enjoyed it with a mate instead and I was heartbroken! Xx


  4. I hate to think of the amount of money I have spent on tickets to gigs over my lifetime – but the memories I have from all of those shows is worth it. I can’t wait until I can take my kids to their first proper rock/pop concert. One of my favourite all time memories is my big sister taking me to see Hoodoo Gurus and Hunters and Collectors at the Perth Entertainment Centre when I was 10. I remember everything about that night and I like to think it started my love affair with music and going to concerts (fat chance I could get a ticket now to a gig like that for $9.96!)


  5. Oh the memories of every concert! My fav. was Boy George with Village People (I was in YMCA heaven!) and Pseudo Echo (remember Funky Town.) No mosh pit but we almost started one when a man tried to push his way through, splashing beer on us.

    Concerts, better money spent than on wanky bars and trying to talk over the crowd.


  6. Concert tickets are expensive but you’re right – it’s so worth it for the memory. I used to go to 8 or more a year but since moving to the farm and having kids I’ve culled it back to 2 or 3 a year. My inlaws used to go crazy how much money we would spend til I got them concert tickets – they freakin loved it. My MIL was just saying recently she needs to go to another soon. haha! Ive got Foos and Sting & Paul Simon coming up next year. Best memories are Glastonbury and London V Festival and being 8 months pregnant at the last Foos.
    I figure we work hard, life is short, so why not smile your ass off enjoying a concert x


    • Glastonbury…wow! Uber envious of that one!
      I totally agree… There are much worse things to spend your hard earned money on isn’t there!

      I’m so excited for the fooeys!
      Sting and Paul Simon sound amazing too! Enjoy! Xx


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