Love Want Need 2

Hello Hello!
Hope you all had a happy, sun shiny weekend.
Here’s a few things currently on the ‘Love Want Need’ list…

1. Mint Paper Origami Pendant Light by Studio Snowpuppe. $140 at Temple And Webster

2. Loving Country Road’s new active range, in particular this oversized mesh tee. Just can’t decide, white or aqua?

3. Converse All Star Rubber High  $99.95 at hype DC (via A super cool take on adult gumboots. But sold out 😦

4. Zhena’s Gypsy Tea – Coconut Chai and Green Tea. Certified organic and fair trade. $12.95 from  Combining 2 of my favourite things in the world, chai + coconut. Cannot wait for postman Pete to deliver this! Is anyone else on a first name basis with the parcel delivery guy?  😉

5. Cinnamon pull apart bread. Recipe from Cinnamon anything and I’m there! I’m no baker but I must give this one a crack!

6. Gold Metallic foil print from Hard to find. Currently on sale $22.14. Purchased this to add to my photo wall which is currently in the planning stages. Now to find the perfect frame…

What do you ‘Love Want Need’ lately? I’d love to hear…
Share in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Love Want Need 2

  1. Oooo number 4 sounds delish! I will have to try that, as I LOOOOOVVVVEEE Chia tea! Had to chuckle at your delivery man first-name-basis comment…mine comes far too often and always at the worst time…like just when I’m about to step in the shower. Was like “oh well, never going to see him again”. More awkward that it is the same delivery man EVERY SINGLE TIME.


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