Taking Stock – September


Inspired by fave blogger Mrs Woog who was inspired by the fabulous Pip from Meet me at Mikes, I thought I’d give Taking Stock September a crack.

It’s a new season and although it doesn’t really feel like it yet in Sydney, a new season brings new beginnings and is a great opportunity to check in with where you’re at, where you’re going and what your coveting, buying, listening to and drinking!

Have a read, then it’s your turn my lovelies!

Making : Time for me. Ashtanga yoga class yesterday, one of my fave things in the world!

Cooking : Urghh… Not a fan

Drinking : Geisen – Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc or Green Tea

Reading: My new bloggy friends blogs

Wanting: World peace

Looking: Forward to being in the hairdressers chair today and considering going back to blonde, or should I keep hedging my bets and stick with the balyage?

Playing: Mean mummy. Didn’t let miss 5 wear her Elsa dress to the shops yesterday. Melt down!

Deciding: Arghh, decisions are my weakness. Typical libra. Always indecisive!

Wishing: Hubby didn’t work ridiculous hours.

Enjoying: Friday = mummy and kids day

Waiting: For Christmas holidays

Liking: Spring

Wondering: How humans can be so violent. Wtf is going on in the world?!

Loving: Clever cookie school of blog course and never want it to end

Pondering: Whether to pour another glass of wine or not?

Considering: Buying new dining chairs. You like?

Watching: Becoming the Beatles doco

Hoping: Miss 5 takes to wearing her new glasses ok

Marvelling: At how it can be possible that my first born starts school next year!

Needing: My chiro

Smelling: My kids after a bath

Wearing: My new überkate Uberbanner freshly engraved

Following: My new Clever Cookie bloggy friends blogs lifeloveandlattescreatebakemakesimplejoysandsilverlinings and about a hundred more

Noticing: How much wine I drink!!

Knowing: That there’s always more to know and learn

Thinking: About what my next blog post will be. Suggestions welcome!

Admiring: The strength of a dear friend after losing her husband suddenly 3 months ago

Sorting: Kitchen cupboards… One at a time

Buying: If hubby is reading this… nothing. If not, a new wish dress

Getting: Inspired by the Clever Cookie School of Blog course

Bookmarking: Arinna Huffington’s book ‘thrive’

Disliking: The threat to our way of life in Australia

Opening: My iPad cover

Giggling: At miss 5 calling a huntsman spider  ‘a husband’

Feeling: Tired. All the time, tired!

Snacking: Tim tam bites and wishing I never discovered them!

Coveting: Besides the dining chairs… ShoesShoes and shoes

Wishing : I could see my interstate family more often

Helping: Master 3 drift off to sleep singing John Lennon’s ‘beautiful boy’

Hearing: My new yoga playlist

And a blank list for you below.

I‘d love to hear how you are taking stock in September.

Leave yours in the comments below.

All or just pick a few.

Go on, don’t be shy!

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :


Questions Kids Ask


Kids.. Inquisitive little beings aren’t they?!

Over the last couple of years the questions from Miss 5 have gone from the ‘but why is the sky blue?’ type to the more in-depth, hard to answer without a huge explanation, and often quite hilarious questions.

And they are always, ALWAYS asked right at bedtime. Why is that? No doubt a mix of their little brains boggling from the days activities and yet another tactic to delay the inevitable… bedtime!

By that time of day my patience is wearing quite thin. Please tell me I’m not the only one! All I want to do is tell the kids to GTFTS and go pour myself a bottle of wine. But no, it’s Q&A time mummy!

Seeing as daddy C says that he ‘knows everything’ my answer to these questions is usually “ask daddy in the morning, go to sleep” but sometimes they need to be tackled then and there, which often results in even more of life’s big questions being asked, a cranky mum and a late bedtime.

Here’s a selection of some of the crackers we’ve been asked recently:

  • How do you fall in love?
  • What are boobies for?
  • Do bush turkeys fly?
  • How do you put a baby in your tummy?
  • When are you going to die mummy?
  • When people die, do they live in houses?
  • Why do hunters kill animals?

Bit of a death theme lately which is interesting as we’ve recently experienced the loss of two people near and dear to us, and although we still haven’t told the kids about either of them (just haven’t found the best way or moment to explain it yet) we know Miss 5 senses it. Smart little cookie she is.

She is off to school next year so it won’t be long before she thinks she knows everything. So for now I’ll try to make more of a conscious effort to find some patience and answer these questions as best I can and find joy in the funny ones.

The wine will always be there chilling in the fridge.



So, what’s the funniest question you’ve been asked by a kid?

And how did you tackle the ‘baby in the tummy’ question?

I’d love to hear.



Love Want Need 1

Love Want Need…
Purchased at the Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars Foundation Fundraiser. Have been wanting to add to my Uberkate collection for a while now so couldn’t pass this baby up and all for a great cause. Still yet to decide what to have engraved on it, was thinking an inspirational quote.
Suggestions greatly appreciated!
Hoping the Oven Fairy pays us a visit? One can only hope 🙂
Made to order – Etsy – Sew fun by Monique
Anyone else addicted to Etsy?
I purchased this recently for a very special baby girl.
Monique is so clever and just lovely to deal with.
This Samantha Wills piece is part of a limited edition collection designed especially for the ‘United we Stand’ Campaign. $20 from the sale of this ring will go towards the McGrath Foundation to assist in their funding of Breast Care Nurses throughout Australia.
Shannon xx 
Found anything fabulous lately? Share share!!

Strive to thrive

Alfred d. souza

Yesterday: Ferrying the kids to swimming lessons, doing laundry, grocery shopping, wiping small bottoms.

Today: Breakfast function with Arianna Huffington surrounded by hundreds of this country’s most successful business women and a handful of celebs. (Sidenote – If you happen to be considering cosmetic surgery at all, find out who KAK’s surgeon is… she is looking amazing!)

Tomorrow: Lunch function with Seth Godin

Working part time means my weekdays can be in complete contrast, going from the mundane to the glamorous and everything in between. And although it’s crazy and chaotic and at times I have wanted to throw it all in, I do love it… It’s my ‘happy chaos’.

So, the alarm was set for the crack of dawn to get myself sorted for a 7am start in the city. This meant getting dressed in the dark so not to wake the small person who made his way into our bed during the wee hours, which is becoming a bit of a habit lately. Must get onto fixing that, but probably easier to just buy a king size bed!

Arianna was fantastic as expected. Engaging, warm, honest and also very funny.


Known as a sleep evangelist after falling asleep at her desk and waking in a pool of blood back in 2007, she spent some time covering the topic of SLEEP.

It’s been over 5 years since I’ve had a decent amount of SLEEP, and by decent amount, I mean 8 hours STRAIGHT. A whole big fat block of blissful, heavy SLEEP!

The odd 7 hour block here and there has given me a glimpse of how good you feel and how much better you function with some decent shut eye. But it’s the consistency I struggle with. Night time is ‘my time’ and I’ve become a bit of a night owl. Hmm, maybe time to change all that!

Arianna says that when you consistently get 8 hours of sleep per night, at those times when you do start to feel a bit tired, you really notice just how crap you are, at EVERYTHING… from your mood, the ability to focus, and basically every part of our mental and physical performance as humans!

So she encouraged us all to get just an extra 30 mins of sleep per night.Ok, cool.. I think I can actually do that!

She then went on to talk about her 12 steps which she details in her new book ‘Thrive’ – The third metric to redefining success and creating a happier life. 

So here’s a summary of the bits I took in from her keynote today:

  • Aussies are a bunch of strivers and she says we should “Strive to thrive”.
  • Giving can mean lots of things including how we interact with others every day.
  • You don’t create from your inbox – so why do we spend so much time there?
  • Pick things that no longer serve you and drop them, ie watching a TV show or a hobby that you’re not really that great at. It’s ok to give something up in order to create space and invite new things to come in. It’s liberating.
  • If you focus on what to be grateful for even in tough times, it’s easier to overcome those hard times and move from struggle to grace.
  • The world tends to tells us what’s important. You need to put your hand on heart and say no… this is what’s important.
  • Put your oxygen mask on first – Take care of ourselves and we will be better at everything else.
  • Upon waking in the morning, take 1 minute to set your intention for the day. Set your agenda before the world sets it for you.
  • ‘Busy-ness’ should not be a badge of honour. We need to change the workplace culture.
  • Creating space in our lives is critical.
  • Success defined by power and money is not enough. Success must include health, wisdom, wonder and giving.
  • Instead of onward and upwards, we should say ‘Onward, upward and inward – to focus more on our wellbeing and internal strength.
  • Why can’t we learn from her health crisis? Why wait until it happens to us to realise?
  • Turn off devices at night… make your bedroom device free. Arianna sites Padmasree Warrior, the chief technology officer at Cisco as her role model who is known to sleep 8 hrs, meditates and has a self imposed digital detox every Saturday. If the CTO of Cisco can do it… anyone can. Even God took 1 day off after moving heaven and earth, so why can’t you?
  • Mum you’ll be happy to hear this one… the Shabbat concept is really nice and we all need a day off… a REAL day off. Not allowing time for quiet reflection and recharging is just not sustainable.

So much to take in and I’m glad I’ve documented it as I know I’ll come back to this for reminders during those times when the happy chaos turns to shit.

So I’m off to bed 30 minutes earlier and upon waking in the morning, I shall set my intention for the day.

Onwards, Upwards and Inwards…

Shannon x

 PS. Got home and was asked by C “how was your breakfast?” and “Who was it with? I said “Adrianna Huffington (founder of the Huffington post)” he said: “Never heard of her.” Ahh… the person who could use her advice the most has never even heard of her!


So what would you give up in order to create space and invite new things to come into your life?

How much shut eye do you get per night?


Father’s Day 2014

Hello hello,

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there, especially the two in my life!


Our day started with a huge downpour (ok Sydney, enough rain already) and a bit of this…


Which went down a treat, even though C does better crepes than me. But I had Nutella, which when combined with banana in a crepe can take one back to the streets of Paris on a sunny June afternoon in 2004. Ahh!

By the way, did you hear that Nutella is currently experiencing a worldwide shortage?

Thanks to a nasty frost in Turkey that has wiped out 70 percent of this year’s hazelnut crop. Cue panic… Stock up now peeps!

Back to Father’s Day… The Shirts and undies were greatly appreciated as was the pre-school decorated box of choccies and laminated watercolour painting of ‘daddy and me’.

And my dad was pretty happy with his Bunnings voucher, which he used to buy 2 soft close toilet seats, 2 bags of cow manure (sense a theme here?) and a bag of potting mix for the veggie garden. Onya dad! Let us know how those carrots grow.

The grey skies cleared and the arvo was spent at the playground. C squeezed in a gym session and a run which makes for one happy, tired dad.


How did you spend Father’s Day?

Any pressies as good as a soft close toilet seat?

How do you do Nutella? Spread? Spoon straight up?

Shannon x


And there you have it… my first blog post! 5 years in the making with a few distractions along the way.

 Clever cookie school of blog starts tomorrow. Freaking out a small bit 🙂